Dj Aurelijano

Aurelijano Ceikauskas
Melodic Techno
Organic house
Afro house
Vilnius, Lithuania
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it is the task of each DJ to discover his individuality and to be able to demonstrate it, from his inner world. That’s how Aurelijano describes his philosophy about Djing. Music is an extraordinary thing, music is a harmony that engages him in many ways. Realizing this, DJ need to strive every time to create a unique product for the listeners that goes straight to them heart. And to create an unforgettable atmosphere, thanks to which crowd lives a journey, which involves the musical ideology of DJ. The passion for this craft was born a lot of years ago, with the passion which grew everyday, and the time came when DJ Aurelijano couldn’t no longer control that passion and start doing what he knew best in his life. Techno music is a unique thing, this style has a deep atmosphere, but not for everyone to understand. When the DJ stand up on the decks and start playing, then he shows his true face. "If there is no story and structure in the tracks, it is not a mix, It's a selection" Dj Aurelijano



Xone 96 Cdj2000NXS2 Pioneer EFX-1000 Boss reverb rv-6